Update v0.0.4

Lanterns Update v0.0.4

In this fortnightly update:


Respawn Overhaul - Checkpoint Respawning System

We’ve changed how respawning works. It no longer respawns your character on the last safe normal block they were standing on. They now respawn at a set location - Candle Stands. Only a single checkpoint (for each player) can be set as the active respawn location. A previously activated checkpoint cannot be re-activated. We’re working on visualisations that make this clear.

Extra Bits and Bobs

Added Bug Report Button in the pause menu.

Added “Level Text” - in the pause menu - that shows which level is currently being played. Hopefully if you encounter any issues, or have suggestions, this will help identify which content you can direct your feedback to.

Added Individual UI Player Death count - in the pause menu.

Added Build Version Number - in the pause menu.

Added Colour Blind Button - in the pause menu. This will toggle colour representative icons on appropriate coloured game content. This functionality will be coming soon.


Need a Friend?

Because Lanterns is currently only local-coop, and sometimes you're in need of a friend but don't have one at the ready. You could try using Parsec


Come join us in Discord.

- Nic


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Mar 25, 2018

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